100% success for New Frontiers CSF funding applications

Following the success of last years New Frontiers program we are still accepting applications for this years phase 2 program which will start in August 2016. Of particular note from last year, our clients experienced a 100% success rate in securing funding first time in the highly competitive CSF (EI’s competitive Start Fund). Where it is not uncommon for successful companies to secure this after multiple attempts  this is a great testament to the level of mentoring provided on the program. If you are an aspiring or early stage entrepreneur we would love to hear from you, who knows you could achieve the levels of success of a recent former client www.sweepovac.com which has achieved international attention with close to 40 million views on Insiderdesign and lead them to recently establish a US presence to satisfy the demand.

If you are interested in learning more contact Owen: owen.laverty@nuim.ie


Undergraduate fireside chat

Student reachout with Milad BW

We had a great fireside session on Tuesday evening where our undergraduate community took time out to learn from entrepreneurs at various stages of their journeys.

Milad Alucozai, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Symmetry Therapeutics, Ollwyn Moran CEO of Cognikids and Matt McCann of Access Earth shared their experiences of being entrepreneurs with an engaged audience in the seminar room in MaynoothWorks. The purpose of the evening was to provide the audience access to the entrepreneurs which ranged from early stage startup to serial entrepreneurs so they could get a good feel for the practicalities of creating their own business. One of the specific aims of the evening was to bring home the thought that a critical success factor was getting the sleeves rolled up and and of course being willing to learn by failures. Many would be entrepreneurs often start off searching for the “perfect” way to bring their product to life which can waste time and effort and be the cause of a lot of frustration. The theme of the evening was it’s all about implementation after the right level of consideration.


Winner of MU Student Entrepreneur Competition enters the Dragons Den

Ollwyn Moran who got her first taste of entrepreneurial support and first place in the Student Entrepreneur Competition in 2012. her first product was a babygrow that helps a child crawl on slippery surfaces which she claims can have an impact on their development. She has now expanded her range and is selling internationally from her website www.cognikids.com

Check out here how she got on with her pitch with the Dragons.


Start you own business information evening for undergraduates

We are running an informal evening for the undergraduate community to provide a better understanding of the challenges and supports for business.

At Maynooth University we have an excellent track record in helping entrepreneurs convert their ideas into business which includes the undergraduate community. If you don’t believe us see Ollwyn Moran pitch http://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/dragons-den-1203/10561363/ in last Sunday’s Dragons Den. Ollwyn was the finalist in the Student Entrepreneur Competition in 2012 and has demonstrated whats possible.

Do you have lot of unanswered questions that are making it difficult to make that jump?

  • What does it involve, how hard is it, what  will you learn from the experience?
  • More importantly what supports are out there?

If you have you ever thought about bringing your idea to the market place then come along to our informal Q&A session in our incubator MaynoothWorks (in the Eolas Building) where a number of entrepreneurs will share their experiences, answer your questions and perhaps help you on the start of your journey. Our panel for the informal evening will be;

Milad Alucozai graduated from Purdue University’s Honors program with training in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering. Milad is current completing a Master’s in Immunology and Global Health at Maynooth University through the George Mitchell Scholarship program. Milad is a serial entrepreneur, having invented four technologies and being awarded two of Purdue’s Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Innovator awards. Milad co-founded Symmetry Therapeutics, a pharma startup with the goal of being a leader in metabolic and mitochondrial diseases by bringing multiple therapeutics to the market utilizing their robust mitochondrial carrier drug platform.

To learn more: He was featured in the Irish Times, where a week in his life was shared with readers. Milad Alucozai Irish Times Profile

Along with his personal website: http://miladalucozai.com/

Ollwyn Moran CEO of https://cognikids.com/ Ollwyn is a graduate of Maynooth University and won the Student Entrepreneur competition in 2011 and is recently known for turning down a investment on the Dragons Den. Ollwyn has launched her three products internationally and is well on the way to building a valuable brand.

Matt McCann CEO of access.earth has just joined us in MaynoothWorks and will share his early experiences in start up mode. Access Earth is a great example of how passion and drive can be translated into a great business opportunity. Access.earth recently won grant funding from Enterprise Ireland to get them started and mentoring from MaynoothWorks.

Join us for a great evening (and Pizza) on Tuesday 26th April at 5pm in the seminar room in Eolas Building. To get to the seminar room take the lift at the main (largest) entrance near the digital art screens to the third floor and you will be directed from there.

To register your interest please email us at  Sharon.Comerford@nuim.ie

Places and pizzas are limited!

Sunday Business Post 100 best startups

Great to see www.Verifly.com (a client of MaynoothWorks) reach the top 100 in the Sunday Business Post startup list. Maynooth University has been engaging with Verifly from the start to help them deliver their technical solution.

“Verifly is an international drone technology company, managed by seasoned technology entrepreneurs, with offices in Ireland, the US and China. Central to Verilfy’s decision to setup its Geospatial R&D operation in Ireland was the need for expertise to help identify high-quality geospatial data-sets and develop spatial algorithms that enable basic aeronautical & urban descriptors to be transformed into useful information services for drone operation. Maynooth University has played a key role in providing the expertise to train Verifly’s engineering team to build these databases as well as the various geospatial systems that deliver these information services. Maynooth University’s Commercialisation Office understands the needs of the tech Industry and has played a pivotal role in helping Verilfy compete in a rapidly changing global drone technology market.” Colm Ó Cuilleanáin, Verifly

CONNECT 2016 where Industry meets Academia
CONNECT 2016 where Industry meets Academia

Verifly are a great example as how Maynooth University engages with startups  as recently explained to over 100 delegates at our recent Connect 2106 Event in Carton house.

Delighted also to see www.CogniKids.com (1st place Maynooth University Student Entrepreneur Competition 2012 & client of the MU/AIT NewFrontiers Program)  making the list.

If you would like to follow in their foot steps  we are looking for the next breed of entrepreneurs for the upcoming New Frontiers Program which will be kicking off in June 2016. The New Frontiers Program provides expert advice, financial support and accommodation in top class incubators.


Blog #1

Welcome to the first MaynoothWorks Blog where we aim to keep our readers informed on the activities within our incubator. We are off to a great start with 75% occupancy (and growing) since our opening on October 2105 with companies such as;

  • Avectas (a University spin-out employing over 20 people) who are an anchor tenant. Avectas enjoy the exclusive use of our wet labs and access to the high calibre graduates from the University.
  • Verifly who provide data to drone operators and is headed up by Jay Bregman, the founder of Hailo cabs. Verifly located at Maynoothworks because it wanted to be close to the research capability provided by Dr. Tim McCarthy from NCG.
  • Videobot vbot.tv who provide Enterprise video platform and are expanding their team rapidly.
  • 3xmsolution a high growth company who have developed their own platform to provide online presence for photographers. Their team has expanded with the convenient access to the student population at Maynooth.
  • Schoolwise who have developed a school management platform that encompasses all aspects of school interactions to provide visibility to all the stakeholders.
  • IGeotech with their online platform ubipix , a spin-out from Maynooth University and provides a powerful tool set to infrastructure managers to locate and tag asset video data in a secure online platform.
  • Accessearth provides detailed, validated information on a venues accessibility so that visitors with accessibility requirements know what to expect when they arrive. A spin-in created by recent Maynooth graduates.
  • Accuplex Diagnostics a spin-out from Maynooth University provides a rapid diagnostic kit that can aid the detection of infection in horses.
  • Scorpion Networks is a start up technology company working on CBNR devices and engages with Ronan Farrell of the University’s Callan Institute on aspects of it’s technology.
  • Urn Towers provides personalised cremation memorials and is part of the New Frontiers program.

Of significance all of our tenants have expanded their staff numbers since joining and plan to do even more in the coming year which is what MaynoothWorks is all about (being in MaynoothWorks gives clients good access to University graduates and interns).

The first 4 months was all about getting the building working and the new tenants settled in, 2016 is the year where we aim to add more value to our clients. Having already worked with companies to win investment the intention is to do more to provide access to that valuable early stage seed capital. On the important community piece, interaction is building with the recent launch of our sharing platform (4@Friday) and monthly breakfast meets. So lots done and are now looking forward to a year of continued growth and progress.

We are in constant dialogue with potential companies to join our community, if you are looking for a great space/ network to start or build your technology business we would like to hear from you.