Founders Agreements full day workshop

20th September 2017 – full day – MaynoothWorks

Due to popular demand Siofra Flood will be spending a day with us on the legal aspects and general practice of creating Founders Agreements. It is essential for any start-up to understand this fully and to have a proper understanding of good practice in this regard. I have personally witnessed the difficulties that poor or no agreements cause companies leading to difficulties in attracting investors, strains on relationships, distracting arguments between founders and ultimately company failure.  Entering into a business relationship needs to be done with a clear understanding of the commitments of each founder, each founders vision for the company, ways of dealing with disputes, how a founder may exit peacefully etc

If you don’t have an agreement in place and your company is formed it is never too late if all the founders are open to it.

Siofra Flood, biography:

C-­‐level executive with significant corporate and legal experience.  Held senior legal and finance positions through funding rounds totaling over US$25M and 4 successful exits, including IONA (IPO), Havok (Trade Sale), Valista (Trade Sale) and Kore (Asset Sale). Executed Swrve group restructure to create new US parent company as part of its $10M Series B investment. Previously responsible for global finance, legal, HR and office operations as well as providing key strategic input into pricing, licensing, team-­‐building and corporate finance.  Overall mentorship to enhance focus and accountability for teams and to guide CEOs through the next phase of growth.

If you would like to attend please email Sharon at