Master class in raising finance

We were very lucky to be able to spend the day with Siofra Flood who shared her knowledge on how to understand the complex issues around raising finance and particularly the the different structures, share types and options that may be offered to investors. Too many times we hear stories where the founders have been the ones to benefit least from their sweat. As we know a principle purpose for getting into business is to make a return on your efforts. Not engineering the right deal with investors can often leave founders disappointed when there is an exit. Siofra shared her considerable experience (raised funds on ten occasions from VC’s working with companies such as Iona Technologies, Drop, Swrve and Havoc to name a few) with us to better prepare our client companies for the eventual conversations. As this is a critical element of supporting the startup community in MaynoothWorks we look forward to having Siofra back!

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