MaynoothWorks Schoolwise feature in the Independent


Start-up gives a technology leg-up to schools

A start-up technology company at Maynooth University’s new business incubator, MaynoothWorks, has come up with a product that is helping schools to track individual students’ progress in key skills development, assessment performance and learning outcomes. It has a particular relevance for theĀ  junior cycle, with its new approaches to teaching and learning andĀ  assessment.

SchoolWise is an online platform that is credited with cutting the amount of time teachers spend on administration, while also making it easy for them to map out their subjects and ensure that each student reaches their clearly delineated targets.

According to Schoolwise founder, Leslie Turner, one of the benefits is that it helps teachers to identify positive and negative trends as they emerge, which allows for early and correct intervention, leading to better overall outcomes for students.

During the design phase, SchoolWise received input from the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and Junior Cycle for Teachers.

Sally Roynane, ICT Coordinator at Presentation De La Salle, Carlow, one of the first schools to use it, said staff were now spending much more time teaching and helping students, and the impact was “clearly evident in the outcomes of our students.”

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