Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

Last Friday we spent a day introducing our community to the concept of mindfulness courtesy of Grattan Donnelly of the Potential Project. It took a while to convince busy entrepreneurs that they should take a day out of their schedule to invest in themselves so they could be more mindful. However come they did and were delighted with their investment. When you think about the concept of work as an activity it becomes apparent that we have never been thought how to work effectively. In high level sport all aspects are considered to improve performance and get that last %. Athletes are trained to focus and be efficient in their efforts, so why do we not invest in the same way in our work to deliver better results, lower levels of stress and a more efficient organisation?

In MaynoothWorks we are striving to create a community that can deliver better results in less time and expect that the practice of mindfulness will be a important part of this.



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