Undergraduate fireside chat

Student reachout with Milad BW

We had a great fireside session on Tuesday evening where our undergraduate community took time out to learn from entrepreneurs at various stages of their journeys.

Milad Alucozai, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Symmetry Therapeutics, Ollwyn Moran CEO of Cognikids and Matt McCann of Access Earth shared their experiences of being entrepreneurs with an engaged audience in the seminar room in MaynoothWorks. The purpose of the evening was to provide the audience access to the entrepreneurs which ranged from early stage startup to serial entrepreneurs so they could get a good feel for the practicalities of creating their own business. One of the specific aims of the evening was to bring home the thought that a critical success factor was getting the sleeves rolled up and and of course being willing to learn by failures. Many would be entrepreneurs often start off searching for the “perfect” way to bring their product to life which can waste time and effort and be the cause of a lot of frustration. The theme of the evening was it’s all about implementation after the right level of consideration.


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