Blog #1

Welcome to the first MaynoothWorks Blog where we aim to keep our readers informed on the activities within our incubator. We are off to a great start with 75% occupancy (and growing) since our opening on October 2105 with companies such as;

  • Avectas (a University spin-out employing over 20 people) who are an anchor tenant. Avectas enjoy the exclusive use of our wet labs and access to the high calibre graduates from the University.
  • Verifly who provide data to drone operators and is headed up by Jay Bregman, the founder of Hailo cabs. Verifly located at Maynoothworks because it wanted to be close to the research capability provided by Dr. Tim McCarthy from NCG.
  • Videobot who provide Enterprise video platform and are expanding their team rapidly.
  • 3xmsolution a high growth company who have developed their own platform to provide online presence for photographers. Their team has expanded with the convenient access to the student population at Maynooth.
  • Schoolwise who have developed a school management platform that encompasses all aspects of school interactions to provide visibility to all the stakeholders.
  • IGeotech with their online platform ubipix , a spin-out from Maynooth University and provides a powerful tool set to infrastructure managers to locate and tag asset video data in a secure online platform.
  • Accessearth provides detailed, validated information on a venues accessibility so that visitors with accessibility requirements know what to expect when they arrive. A spin-in created by recent Maynooth graduates.
  • Accuplex Diagnostics a spin-out from Maynooth University provides a rapid diagnostic kit that can aid the detection of infection in horses.
  • Scorpion Networks is a start up technology company working on CBNR devices and engages with Ronan Farrell of the University’s Callan Institute on aspects of it’s technology.
  • Urn Towers provides personalised cremation memorials and is part of the New Frontiers program.

Of significance all of our tenants have expanded their staff numbers since joining and plan to do even more in the coming year which is what MaynoothWorks is all about (being in MaynoothWorks gives clients good access to University graduates and interns).

The first 4 months was all about getting the building working and the new tenants settled in, 2016 is the year where we aim to add more value to our clients. Having already worked with companies to win investment the intention is to do more to provide access to that valuable early stage seed capital. On the important community piece, interaction is building with the recent launch of our sharing platform (4@Friday) and monthly breakfast meets. So lots done and are now looking forward to a year of continued growth and progress.

We are in constant dialogue with potential companies to join our community, if you are looking for a great space/ network to start or build your technology business we would like to hear from you.


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